Mastering Pricing in shopVOX

Learn all the about the powerful pricing engine in shopVOX and how to set up your products to make you more profitable | taught by Bryant from shopVOX

Course description

An in-depth course on our powerful pricing engine. Learn how to create products and profitable pricing for your custom signs, print, apparel, and awards.
Bryant from shopVOX
Bryant from shopVOX
Director of Customer Success

Before joining the team here at shopVOX, I spent 5 years helping a small shop grow to over $1mil in sales. We sold a bit of everything - traditional print (business cards, brochures), signage, vehicle wraps, screen printing, and embroidery.

As our Director of Customer Success, my goal is to create more successful shops and share the best practices we've learned from working closely with our clients over the last 7 years.

Course Curriculum

Apparel, Screen Printing, Embroidery, and More
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