Course curriculum

  • 1

    Quoting customers

    • Creating your first Quote
    • Screen Printing
    • Embroidery
    • Direct To Garment
    • Promotional Products
    • Extras and other charges
  • 2

    Common questions

    • Adding new customers
    • Customer wants to change sizes and colors
    • Garments not in vendor catalog
    • Adding multiple garment styles
    • Customer supplied garments
    • How can I see a breakdown of how pricing is calculated?
  • 3

    Getting the order

    • Converting your Quote to a Sales Order
    • Emailing order confirmation to your customer
    • Request a deposit from your customer
    • Creating Jobs for production
    • Printing a Work Order
  • 4

    Purchasing blank garments

    • Add new vendors
    • How can I do purchasing?
    • Create one Purchase Order for each Order
    • Combining Orders to create one Purchase Order
    • What do we send to the receiving department?
    • Have garments been requested or purchased?
    • Creating POs for promotional products
  • 5

    Design and proofing

    • What jobs need design?
    • Creating proofs for shopVOX
    • Using our proof mockup template
    • Uploading proofs
    • Sending proofs to customers
    • Following up on un-approved proofs
    • Managing art files
    • Separations and films
  • 6


    • Checking in blank garments
    • What jobs are ready to print?
    • How do I complete production?
  • 7


    • Printing packing slips and box labels
    • Adding shipping charges to an order
  • 8

    Invoicing and payments

    • Creating an Invoice
    • Recording payments
    • Sending statements for customers with terms like Net 30
  • 9

    Next Steps

    • Get shopVOX Certified
    • Talk To Us

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Bryant from shopVOX

Director of Customer Success

Bryant from shopVOX

Before joining the team here at shopVOX, I spent 5 years helping a small shop grow to over $1mil in sales. We sold a bit of everything - traditional print (business cards, brochures), signage, vehicle wraps, screen printing, and embroidery.As our Director of Customer Success, my goal is to create more successful shops and share the best practices we've learned from working closely with our clients over the last 7 years.